The Studio

Founded in 2005

Based in Oakland

Redmond Aldrich is a purveyor of aesthetic intelligence. Principal, Harvard trained Chloe Warner, partners with clients to elevate their aesthetic sensibility – we call it AQ – by designing interiors that deliver a poetic mashup of effortless and refined, pretty and perfectly weird. Signature to the brand is the masterful mix of texture, color, and pattern that is layered with intention and a studied understanding of design and architectural history. We provide clients with exceptional interiors, clear and sincere communication, and the confidence to discover their own AQ.


The Team

Chloe Warner

Founder & Creative Director

Chloe Redmond Warner is the Founder & Principal of Redmond Aldrich Design. She attended the architecture program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and founded her eponymous studio after graduating in 2005. Her hobbies include cooking, flower arranging, a good novel, and of course Instagram where she shares her appreciation for beauty and aesthetics in daily life. Chloe, her husband, two kids and a growing number of pets make their home in Oakland.

Taylor Shanahan

Senior Designer

In 2010 Taylor hand wrote a gorgeous note to Chloe and started working at RAD the next day.  She is a color and pattern wizard, an athlete and a gentle but ruthless stickler for detail who has been known to wallpaper her own kitchen and stencil her own floors.  Recently she and her boyfriend adopted an adorable lazy bulldog named Squats whose slow-motion exploits are the best thing on the internet.

Anel Zarate

Senior Designer

Part Martha Stewart, part Thomas Jefferson, Anel joined RAD in 2015 and has been indispensable ever since.  She drafts, she sews, she knows every computer program that matters (to her boss).   She is also a competitive dancer, and without even seeing her moves we know she is the best in the office. Update: Anel appeared on TV during halftime at a Warriors game, and now we know for sure.

Rose Louie


During their first meeting in 2018 Rose had Chloe at her response to “what is your favorite design magazine” (Answer: World of Interiors). The interview bounced over to a shared passion for high graphic standards and wood-fired pizza, and the rest is history. Rose’s drafting and modeling skills are out of this world, and she takes beautiful pictures – a skill she sweetly credits to her husband, a professional photographer.

Joanna Paull

Senior Designer

A fateful visit to McMullen inspired Joanna to engage in some light detective work and befriend Chloe on Instagram. She had a huge career at Rapt Studio going but she and Chloe decided that should timing allow they would love to work together, and then, delightfully, in 2021 timing allowed. Joanna lives in Oakland and enjoys bird watching and curating an outsized collection of vintage decor.

Alex McAuley

Junior Designer

Alex started at RAD during pandemic times, which meant she had to interview over Zoom which was terrifying for everyone, but she nailed it. Alex lives with her husband and gorgeous well-behaved Golden Retriever in Lafayette, where her hobbies include lavishing the dog with care and watercoloring.  Unexpected tidbit; she has an impressive collection of rock band t-shirts that she attributes to her 8 years as a drummer.

Stephanie Guerrero

Design Assistant

Stephanie started interning at RAD while she was still a student in 2018, and even though she has her degree she literally cannot stop taking classes. Drafting, color theory, rendering, she is always improving and her boss marvels at her energy and skills. Bonus: She has excellent taste in specialty coffee and often appears at the top of our office stairs with trays of Blue Bottle for her coworkers.

Ella Nicastro

Design Assistant

Ella’s mother was one of RAD’s first clients in the aughts and even though nothing makes one feel older than designing a room for a kid, then 10 years later hiring that “kid” as your intern, that’s just what happened in 2018 and we have zero regrets. Ella ups the tattoo quotient of the office by a huge factor, and works hard enough to give entire Gen-Z a good name.

Samantha Petitto

Finance Manager

Sam’s blend of right and left brain is renowned. She spent years as a corporate accountant for Sherwin Williams all the while nurturing a vintage jewelry collection so fierce it could turn the head of a 18 year old or an 80 year old. Sam is married with one daughter and another one on the way, more than 40 houseplants, and was the first person Chloe knew who owned a real life Bernese Mountain Dog.

Awards & Recognition