Piedmont 2021

We started imagining what this 1908 Craftsman could be at the exact instant Greta Gerwig’s Little Women came out in theaters, and while discussing how both the client and Chloe enjoyed it very much, our client said the words “I want my house to be like that, but on acid”, and we were off to the races. No pattern was off limits, no color too much. A Moorish guest bath? Yes, we decided March sisters would approve. An enormous custom painted Falcon screen? It’s our client’s spirit animal and of course that makes sense.

The family who lives here owns a large collection of artwork from Creative Growth, one of the first non-profits to promote the work of developmentally disabled adults. Their commitment to including works by these artists adds a soulful and unique dimension that starts to hint at the huge hearts of the owners. They also adopt and foster animals, at times there have been nine critters running around. They are currently down to six but we are currently installing a pet spa on the ground floor so they can be prepared for anything.